Choosing your wedding cake is an exciting event. There are many different flavors and styles of cakes, and it is important that you choose one that will be a perfect fit for your special day. We are here to help you in your selections, to answer questions, and also arrange cake tastings upon request. 

     Selecting the flavor of your wedding cake can be lots of fun. Each tier has four layers of cake and three layers of filling. "From scratch" cake recipes, the highest quality of fillings, and real whipped cream result in a deliciously rich dessert.
   To design your special cake, you will want to select the type of cake, the flavor of the filling, and the kind of frosting.
Cake Layers
Dark Chocolate, Golden Sponge, Traditional White Cake, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Marble (alternating gold & chocolate)

Fruit Fillings
Strawberry, Seedless Raspberry, Blueberry, & Pineapple

Whipped Cream may be added to any of the above to create 
Strawberry Cream, Raspberry Cream, etc.

Mousse Fillings
Strawberry, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Raspberry, Orange, Mocha, Blueberry, Lemon, Irish Cream, & Amaretto

White frosting (white, naturally very sweet)
German Buttercream (ivory, very light in flavor)

Placing Your Order
Orders should be placed at least two months in advance. A $25 deposit (non-refundable) will hold your date. The balance needs to be paid in full one week prior to delivery.

Feel free to come in and look through the wedding cake portfolio anytime. An appointment is necessary for a consultation with Michelle. Cake tastings can also be arranged upon request.
                     Congratulations and best wishes!


Wedding cakes are priced by the number of servings they will yield. Most frosting decorations are included in the base price. Fresh flowers are strictly the cost of the flowers (no additional charge for designing on the cake). Delivery in the Manchester area is $20.00. Outside Manchester will be priced accordingly.

  Basic price      $3.00 per serving
  Basket weave or cornelli lace      $3.25 per serving
  Fountain      $25.00
  Floating cake stand      $25.00

Looking for something different? We offer a variety of mini pastries, pies and cupcakes. We'd be glad to be creative with you!