Our cake layers are baked from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. Then they're split and filled with a variety of fillings and iced with either German buttercream* or ganache. They can be decorated for a dinner party or for a special occasion complete with inscription. Each is four layers of cake with three layers of filling, creating a large variety of flavor combinations.
There is always a variety of tortes in our showcase available for walk-in purchase. At least a two day notice is required for special orders.

                  Pricing is as follows:

            6 in. serves 4/6          $22                  8 in. serves 10/15               $27 - 34 
10 in. serves  24/30           $39-48       2 layer 1/2 sheet  serves 40     $55 - 65
3 layer 1/2 sheet   serves 50     $75 - 80                                

Amaretto Mousse Torte
Gold layers laced with liqueur and filled with Amaretto mousse. Iced with buttercream* and garnished with almonds.
Triple Delight
Gold or chocolate layers filled with pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, and cream, and iced with buttercream*. Add $4 - $6 for whipped cream.
Grandma's Carrot Cake
Two moist layers filled with carrots, walnuts, coconut, pineapple, and spices, and iced with orange-flavored buttercream*.
Lemon Cloud
Gold layers filled with lemon mousse and iced with buttercream*.
Blueberries and Cream
Moist gold layers filled with blueberries and cream, then iced with buttercream*.
Boston Cream Torte
Four layers of gold sponge cake filled with our own pastry cream and then frosted with dark, rich chocolate frosting.
Taste of the Bahamas
Gold layers filled with key lime raspberry mousse, a hint of coconut flavor in the buttercream* and then garnished with toasted coconut.
Strawberries and Cream
Moist gold layers filled with strawberry filling and whipped cream, and iced with buttercream*.
Razzle Dazzle
White chocolate mousse and seedless raspberry filling between gold & chocolate layers and then frosted with buttercream*.
Golden Chocolate Mousse Torte
Gold layers filled with chocolate mousse & iced with buttercream*.
Tiramisu Torte
Our gold sponge cake soaked with coffee brandy, filled with tiramisu mousse and iced with mocha buttercream*.
Pineapple Sunrise
Raspberry pineapple mousse between gold sponge cake layers and frosted with buttercream*.
Red Velvet  Filled and frosted with white sweet frosting or filled with your choice of mousse and frosted with buttercream*.

Black Forest Torte
Rich chocolate layers laced with Kirsch and filled with whipped cream and cherries, then iced with whipped cream and dusted all over with chocolate shavings.
Cannoli Torte
Chocolate layers filled with our cannoli filling and frosted with chocolate buttercream*.
Mocha Latte
Fudge layers filled with cappuccino mousse, and iced with cappuccino buttercream*.
Irish Cream Torte
Fudge layers laced with Irish Cream Liqueur, filled with Irish Cream mousse, then iced with Irish cream flavored buttercream*.
Black & White
Dark chocolate layers filled with white chocolate mousse and iced with white chocolate buttercream*.
Peanut Butter Cup
Chocolate layers filled with peanut butter mousse and iced with chocolate buttercream*.
All the Way Chocolate
Chocolate layers filled with chocolate mousse and frosted with dark chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Raspberry Torte
Fudge layers are filled with European seedless raspberry and iced with chocolate buttercream*.
German Chocolate Cake
Two dark, moist chocolate layers filled and topped with a rich chocolate, pecan and coconut confection.
Northend Italian Rum
Gold and chocolate layers laced with rum, filled with two layers of pastry cream and one layer of strawberry filling, then frosted with buttercream* and garnished with almonds and chocolate shavings.
Orange Cloud
Rich chocolate layers filled with orange flavored mousse, frosted with chocolate buttercream* and garnished with chocolate shavings.
* German Buttercream has a pastry cream base and then butter is whipped in until light and creamy.

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